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6 Business Benefits of VoIP

With all the benefits of today’s VoIP Telephone Systems, there’s no real reason for businesses not to switch. In this brief guide, business owners and technology managers will learn several reasons to make the switch to a VoIP system.

Increased Customer Service

VoIP offers great call quality, and this can make a great impression on new and returning customers. According to recent research, it can also help companies keep track of customers’ information. If customers have ever complained of poor call quality, or if the business has ever struggled to manage its phone numbers, a VoIP system can help to resolve these issues. This technology allows commercial phones to have a dedicated IP, and it allows the easy communication that’s necessary to provide customers with a seamless, positive experience.

Cohesive Internal Communications

Low-quality internal communication prevents a business’ teams from collaborating successfully. With VoIP phone service, workers can use the company’s phone system to get in contact with anyone else in the company. It’s simpler, easier, and faster than sending emails.

Employee Mobility

Today’s employees are increasingly mobile and, with access to VoIP communications, they can stay in contact with colleagues and clients wherever they are. With VoIP, employees are free to leave the office without worrying about missing important calls.

Easy International Calling

VoIP phone service typically comes with free international calls, which, depending on the company’s strategies, can make a significant difference in its communication costs. If the company is considering getting into a foreign market, VoIP isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity.


Apart from free international calls, VoIP is less expensive than conventional landline systems. Not only is it cheaper to set up, there are no installation or relocation fees if the company moves. This makes VoIP a great choice for startups and highly mobile companies.

Saving Time

Finally, VoIP provides a great advantage to new companies because there’s almost no training involved. Because these systems are so easy to set up, employees can remain focused on their core competencies without having to spend time learning a new system. In fact, it’s just as easy as using any other telephone.

These are just some of the reasons businesses should consider making the switch to VoIP. For more details, visit the website or call Unicom today.

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